Friday, March 06, 2009

VariyaSoft - Zend Framework

VariyaSoft Zend Framework development, PHP zend developmentZend Framework is powerful 100% OOPs MVC based tool developed in PHP for web application development developed by Zend. Zend Framework is ready made library to create application easier, faster and more better way. So it reduce the cost in both time and money. ZF works as bridge between developer and application with advanced Object Oriented Programing.

At VariyaSoft, we have experienced developer works on Zend Framework(ZF). We provides ecommerce solution, CMS development, shopping cart and different application using ZF. VariyaSoft may be a for your application development company for Zend Framework and Core Application development.

Zend Framework built in MVC structure and has specific methods and rules to work on. Magento is popular ecommerce solution built in Zend Framework.

MVC = Model, View and Controller
VariyaSoft Zend Framework MVC structure
  • Model: It is complete core part of the application which can have all properties of the any entity. E.g. For Category Table, model includes all the functions, variables like add, update, delete, search etc queries. You can use as your own library for any particular job. It is responsible for providing the information for your requests.
  • Controller: As its name suggest, it is used to control the application. Whatever your action is given to controller, it asks the model to provide the information and functionality. It is used to get the information. E.g. For category table, if you ask for list of category, controller moves on Model to get the information.
  • View: View is your application View Layer. When you render the application, it provides information where you want to show the data. E.g. You ask the controller for list of categories, View shows the different categories and responsible to print on application page.
Zend Guard: It provides ability to distribute and mange their PHP application and while protecting their source code.

Zend Optimizer: Zend Optimizer is free tools enables PHP to run the files encoded by the Zend Guard.