Sunday, March 08, 2009

VariyaSoft - AJAX (RIA) Development

A web page can be lots of requests and cause a reason to get the new information by reloading the current state of the information page. The is the most reason to loose the input fields those are without saving into database or any how.

At VariyaSoft -you will be having the use of AJAX to solve this problem with Rich Interface Application Development. AJAX communicated in background with server and provide the updates on same page section without loosing the content and current state of the page.

For this AJAX needs help of HTML/XHTML and JavaScript to communicate with server. For this AJAX uses XMLHttpRequest object of JavaScript. With this object, AJAX sends the requests to server with small bandwidth and get the response to save time. IE (Internet Explorer) uses ActiveXObject and other web browsers uses XMLHttpRequest provided by JavaScript. Based on response from server, AJAX provides different states of events as below:
  • 0 - The request is not initialized
  • 1- The request has been set up
  • 2 - The request has been sent
  • 3 - The request is in process
  • 4 - The request is complete