Monday, March 24, 2014

More employees does not mean genuine growth

There are lots of companies in market having 20 to 50000+ employees. They provide excellent service and that number is good enough to impress the customer. There is no question that they are poor at service but such number shows they want to earn good number of revenue in terms of money. Also denotes that their service may be higher in costing as they are brand. We do not blame or doubt on the services. But does this really mean that if a company is having huge number of employees that means they are growing towards right direction – is that genuine growth?

 If the company is providing human resource service, I think, they are right but in Software Company, we don’t think like that. Can we have better solution, better possibilities and ideas? If we study market, there are many small companies having better in services in subordinate amount of investment of expense. Why they are providing the same service in lower amount, may be they want to grow or may be have better in solution. Here we have different thinking when Software Development comes as business services. As we have good experience in project analysis to turn the project into human resources hours that creates costing and time investment of your Software Development. We are discussing about genuine growth so technology matters at certain level but not at basic level from our point of view.

 Let's talk about simple shopping cart administration panel. For any dynamic website admin panel is having important role. Through the admin panel, website administrator can manage other admin roles, categories, products, customers, orders etc. If we think little bit over technical side, customers and orders are user side of the website where admin, categories, products can be managed from the admin panel only. This is because, administrator want to sell it. So here if we take any other website where administrator needs many other modules which is having general system like search from the listing, active, inactive, delete, add the item, edit the item, pagination, design of the admin panel etc. These all points have to be taken as total timing of development and so increase the costing. If we reuse the developed code, may be need further testing, so it’s again increase the costing. This is also because, may be other Software Engineer has changed the original code or logic. So this all process seems improper and does not decrease the timing and costing.

We have better solution. For above example or similar example where up to 30 fields of any module in customized any module in PHP, Dot Net we can create within a minute with perfection in design, development, proper messaging and integration with related solutions. For OpenCart, Magento, Wordpress Plugin, we may take 2 minutes of time to create basic working solution. We are sure that this can be really useful to reduce the costing, time of development and does not require many employees.